My society is holding the exam and I was just wondering if you guys think it’s worth it. The problem is that you don’t get to keep the exam. I was thinking of purchasing the PDF, but that’s more than double the price.

Also, thoughts on the online mock provided by Schweser? Only $50.

You should get to keep the BSAS exam – you have to take it home to grade it.

For Level II, I took both the BSAS and the Schweser mocks. The BSAS was frustrating because it had so many errors. The Schweser test, OTOH, was rather well crafted.

Make sure you do the last 3 years of CFA AM exams. They are free and the best way to practice the IPS questions. The Schweser online mock and its sample exam books are worth the money. To me they are important to practice time management. I am taking the BSAS exam too, Their level 2 exam was at par with the Schweser exams. I hope BSAS will keep their standards high for level 3. Good luck!

I dunno, unless I’m misreading it, it says I take the two exams and then I get TWO HOURS to look over it. Then they take it back–the cost is ~ $70 to take the exam. BTW, I’m in Korea.

How much did you guys pay?

I am taking the BSAS exam. Last year I just printed it off, but this year I am sittign for the mock. I can’t imagine they would not let you take it with you, but if it is a concern you should call them. They are very nice there.

How much did you pay for the mock sitting? This is what I’m doing. It’s cheaper than simply buyng the exam itself so the condition that you can’t take it home sounds reasonable.

I think $150 this year, although I don’t remember exactly.

I paid $70, kind of costly.

Do you get to keep the exam?

Be careful flagellating yourself by taking every exam offered. It seems like half a dozen am exams from prior exams plus the (2) Schweser test book sets plus the end of chapter question is quite sufficient if you have mastered the material / answers. Remember its about mastering the material (and of course understanding the format/process of the exam itself) - better to think as you go through what other ways they could ask the question rather than point through exam after exam without proper follow up to resolve what you did not know.

And I’ll be damned if I am going to pay for an exam where I am not entitled to see the questions / correct answers upon completion - this aura of secrecy and non-transparency is for the birds - and not being able to sort out where you went wrong seriously compromises the value.

who ever said that the paper is not given to you? In all past years whenever the paper has been given - they do it in exam like settings, give you the paper and also do errata and stuff after the paper.

In fact they even offer to send it by mail to you - if you register and decide you want to take it at home without the exam like atmosphere. (I have a mail from my CFA society that tells me that).

That’s what was written in the e-mail. It was in Korean (not my native language), but then I got a Korean to confirm that I can only check my answers for two hours after the exam sitting.

no effin way am i paying 150 for a test when schwesers is 50 and well put together

true…$150 is a lot…i think i’m just gonna do the schweser mock.

Totally agree. The price also went up to $149 this year, which imho is not worth it. I’m going with Schweser, old mock exams and sharp seminars.