Boston Expo Center

Just checked out the expo center, not bad at all from silver line. Took me 35 minutes from Ruggles on the Orange to there. I would have rather taken it in the Westin next door (which has a bar & starbucks)!

for lunch, if either the expo center and/or the westin are mobbed, you can walk across the footbridge (from expo center back to T) past the T and on the right is the seaport hotel- downstairs they have a little salad/sandwich shop that should be open. also on seaport ave if you go to the ground floor of the hotel there’s a salvatore’s pizza (italian) and a LTK (legal test kitchen) right there. not sure if you bring your lunch or get it somewhere, but any of those places would be easy, close, and most likely a ton less packed than either the expo center itself or the westin that’s right there. good luck!

Sounds good! Its definitely going to be crowded with the auto show there and its not worth bringing extra baggage just in case. Thanks for the tips!

Cool. Good to know. I’ll either take the Orange Line or drive.

Northeastern Student, I used to attend Northeastern, graduated in 2007 and am now back in Hong Kong working. Sorry for the randomness, haha.

Its good to see alumni! You should see the work they are doing around campus. New dorms etc.

I recently graduated this august…good luck with studying and on the test

Will be writing at expo centre as well, putting up at Westin for the night. How far is it from the TD Banknorth centre. wanna watch a game b4 the exam.

Not even 20 minutes…good idea staying overnight (kinda out of my college budget…but so are the exam fees!) gonna spend my night with my gf…but after the exam Westin bar!

Ahh, I miss Northeastern. What are you majoring in? I did Finance & Accounting

I did concentrations in finance and economics

BU grad here - finance/entrepreneurship

Major in Finance. Minor(s) in Law & Psychology