Boston job market

Hi everyone,

I’m a long time lurker, first time poster… As my username implies, I’m planning a move to Boston. I’ve been working on the west coast for a boutique wealth manager for almost a decade now. My job is best described as a jack of all trades. Some client advising, some portfolio management, some manager research, operations, etc. Got promoted and received the CFA designation a few years ago, undergraduate from a top school, and about half way through a part time MBA.

So far so good right? Well, I’ve sent out a few dozen applications, mostly in private wealth and investment consulting, over the last couple of months, and haven’t heard a peep.

Guess I just need a reality check. Is it the job market that bad, or is there something wrong w/ me, or maybe more patience is needed? Any ideas? Thanks.

well emailing from out of state is extremely tough, you really don’t have any pricing power.

i would get settled down first and then start applying.

i have some info. so if you want email me at this userid @

my god… I saw the title of this thread as “Boston Market”

mm…rotisserie chicken w/ mashed potatoes and corn… corn bread…

Thanks, BiPolarBoy.

It’s interesting you say that. I’ve had several people tell me the opposite. That is, don’t be looking for a job while without a job. It could just be that these folks are of an older generation. I’d be curious to hear what others on this forum think.

I’ll follow up with you via email. Thanks again.

its a small market and the weather sucks, better luck in NYC/Chicago

double post


I’m not crazy about the idea either. Going from California to Boston will be a big adjustment.

But the parents are there and the wife REALLY wants to move back. At least we’re used to the weather since we both grew up and went to school there.

this is a great example of an “irreconcilable difference”… :stuck_out_tongue:

well on a serious note… if you are sending unsolicited resumes/responding to job ads… i would consider using a local address and set up a local (Boston ) cell number first… do not give any indication you are still in California, employers/HR departments screen out of town applicants straight into the trash even if you are the second coming of Aswath Damodara/Warren Buffett. the reason that you are movine (family/wife) is valid, but just make sure you come across that you are ALREADY there.

It appears you are well qualified to work in the industry (anywhere) but i reiterate that Boston IS a smaller market relative to the actual size of the city based on its population. I would bet there is a bigger industry / AM/ Boutiques in Connecticut than Boston.

^ In CT there is… but I hope you’re white.

@dvictr: Thanks for the tips. I’m already using my parents’ address in Boston. Guess I should take out the first sentence of my cover letter where I mention the move. Are you in the area currently?

@iteracom: I’m Asian, though my skin is light enough to rival most Caucasians’ (does that count?). Not looking to move to CT, but curious to hear about your experiences there.

let me guess. You went to Berkeley and is doing part time at Berkeley as well or you are from Seattle:)

moving, i sent u an email. let me know if you have any questions. good luck

Lol, you’re off on all three.

dvictr already thinks I’m crazy for moving to Boston, he might have me committed if I’m leaving Haas half way through.

What undergrad did you go to? I think you said it was around Boston, maybe search around for some alums in the biz. Also recruiters: Fanning, Kennison Associates, Beacon Hill Staffing

Let me know any other questions.

Yup, definitely need to take better advantage of the alumni network. Will get a list from the school tomorrow and start reaching out to people.

Any tips on getting responses from recruiters? Thanks.