Boston - level 3 class- FI yield curve


I just failed level 3 by what looks like a question or two. I scored on the lower end of fixed income and am determined to get that score up for next years test. I would like to get this reading down so well that I can teach it. If you would be interested in attending the class please reply. I work in downtown Boston so I will probably do a venue somewhere near my office on a weeknight after work. I would like to do this in the first week of November. It will be free to attend and I will cover everything especially the most testable material. I will also prepare a mock multiple choice item set and essay portion exam for this reading which all who attend will receive. Fixed income is such a large part of the topic weight you need to do well on it. let me know where you work so we can get a venue convenient for all parties.If it goes well I can do another one on FI credit either in December or after the holidays. I look forward to hearing from you.

Slightly off topic, GOS, but if you’d like a second set of eyes to look at your materials, please let me know.

They tell me that I know something about fixed income.

sounds good thanks

I am in Boston. I want to attend.