Just wanted to see if anyone else on here is taking the exam in Boston at the expo center? I can’t believe they are having the auto show on the 6th also!!! I guess it will be a good distraction during our lunch break!

I took this on the 1st Nov in Philly.

I’ll be at the show on the 7th though :slight_smile:

i’m in the convention center. wish i was at the westin

I at Westin… I did not even know they would separate us for some reason between convention center and hotel… odd

probably because there is an auto show at the convention center that weekend - maybe not enough room for all canidates? personally i’d prefer the smaller venue. wanna trade : )

Is it possible to change locations within the same city? I know they have a request form…who knows! Where are you Bostonians going after?..fanueil hall?