Boston Murders

There were 51 murders in Boston last year, and I didn’t hear about any of them. Wish the media would suspend coverage of this. It’s like they want it to be 9/11 or something just for the ratings. Terrible.

It happens. I get annoyed after a mass shooting there’s always about a month where every time some nut kills his room mate or whatever over a girlfriend or a card game, it makes national headlines as a “shooting”.

Someone needs to penetrate AC360 in the rear…

I didn’t realize how terrible CNN really was until this so called ‘Boston massacre’

Best part about all this was a nice reminder of why I don’t watch the news anymore. I don’t fking care how many bench presses suspect # 2 did at the gym a day after the ‘BOMBINGS’

How many of those murders occurred at a world renowned sporting event and were accompanied by the dismemberment of dozens of people? How many of those murders were immediately followed by tremendous acts of heroism by otherwise ordinary people?

I saw an article on the city newspaper this morning that a guy attacked another guy with a brick in the middle of the night and killed him with it. Probably 2 homeless dudes duking it out but still. Lets outlaw or require registration of all bricks and other similarly dangerous things!

I have no idea, there was no coverage.

Look, I’m not heartless. Over the weekend, some friends and I have raised about $2000 to help Martin Richard’s (8 year old who was killed) family. His family was injured in the bombing, and I recently found out that his sister will lose her leg. It’s awful. But, it is not the only thing happening in the world.

There was coverage of numbers 18 & 19.

And for 31 - 32

I don’t live in Boston and I doubt very much there was coverage on Philly radio or national TV.

Obviously I get your point, but I have to think you understand why this is still news. Although I have no actual statistics to back this up, I have to think that the vast majority of murders in this country are drug related, gang related, or the result of a domestic dispute. Most people, myself included, feel that they are pretty insulated from those situations and therefore feel pretty comfortable going about their daily lives. Mass shootings take us out of that comfort zone. Terrorist acts not only take us out of that comfort zone but also personalize the attacks because they are specifically directed at Americans. Although these guys were not specifically targeting any individual victim, they were specifically targeting Americans. As an American, that affects me more deeply than some gang member shooting a rival gang member or some wife shooting her drunken, cheating husband because they were targeting me. I just didn’t happen to be there.

Yes, Higg. That’s why it is terrorism.

I really wished both brothers had been killed, because then they would finally be out of the news cycle, people would focus on the victims and then forget about it in a week or two. This thing is going to drag on for a year.

And that’s why it’s national news for an extended period of time and the murder of Sharrice Perkins is not.

Higg just refuted your original point, and now it seems like you’re agreeing with him. So do you think these were “just another murder”, or were they more than that?

I agree that the media has blown it out of proportion. However, that’s what the media does. They’re just like every other business in the world–they sell their product.

And that’s why terrorist acts will continue.

It’s the same argument as school shooters. Of course I understand why this is still in the news, I just think that it should not be any more. The more this is sensationalized the more effective the attack was.

I’m not saying that I should hear about random murders in Boston. I’m saying that I should hear a whole lot less about the marathon attack.

You could always flip over to HN and watch the Jodi Arias trial 24/7 for 6 weeks.

Thank goodness I have no idea who that is.

Yeah thing about “terror” attacks is that they are dramatically violent and target random people like you. So it seems scary, even if you are 100000x more likely to die getting hit by a car, falling down in the bathroom, drowning in the swimming pool, stung by bees, etc.

One thing that surprised me is that he was charged with using WMDs, which I thought were chemical, biological, nuclear, or radiological weapons. Turns out, that’s only the case for national defense. Civilians can get charged with using a WMD in domstic law for explosive devices, like grenades, above a certain size.