Boston - Schweser course / BSAS course

Has anyone here taken the Schweser or BSAS weekly classroom course for Lev. I? Currently I’m registered for the Schweser one, but there’s still time to switch. Thanks for your time, and yes, I have tried the search function.

I took it for levels II and III. When I showed up, it was a very helpful class. Regardless, I found the notes to be an excellent resource. Different professionals cover different topics, and I found most to be very knowledgeable about their subject area. It was a great way to ask questions, and the instructors often provided their contact info for follow-up issues. The instructors go through the notes with you in the class and do a pretty good job covering the entirety of the material in class. If you read the selected materials ahead of time and show up for the class, you’ll be in a very good position to pass the exam. Unfortunately, I rarely actually read ahead of time. Also, they put on a full-length practice exam in early May that simulates actual test conditions. It’s quite helpful, and the exam is well-written.

cfa2 - sounds like you did BSAS, correct?

Yes, I took the BSAS course. (Sorry for not being clear.) I don’t know how the Schweser course compares, but I always bought the notes. I liked to think that I was getting better coverage by getting non-Schweser classroom instruction. I know that the Schweser notes don’t cover 100% of the material, so I thought it’d be helpful to be exposed to a different course provider’s material. Sometimes, the BSAS instructors spent time on things that Schweser did not, and then it ended up being on the actual exam.

Fantastic! Thank you very much - I agree with you. Now, if I can get by bosses to see the light. . .