Boston Securities Analyst Practice Exam - CFA Level II

Hi everyone, Just wanted to inform you all that a group of Level 2’ers are planning on taking the BSAS full length practice exam Saturday May 30th. Please email me for details:

it is on saturday, may 16th


in Boston

thanks man can’t go there unfortunately, trying to get one from web, it seems different local societies have different pricing… which proves ICAPM doesn’t work, PPP doesn’t hold:P

Mine is on the mail … it was this past weekend in DC.

Can anyone that’s taken this (or going to) please give their opinion on the quality and difficulty. $149 is a lot of money for those of us not in Boston (my local society isn’t offering it either). Thanks.

wow, mine in Charlotte is only costing $50.

there is an arbitrage possibility

Id like to take this exam but i live in NYC. Is there a way to get this online?