Boston Security Analysts Mock

I just took this yesterday through the Montreal CFA society. Did anyone else take it yet? If so, how did you find it? I finished getting through all of the material on Wednesday and I only had 2 days to review, so I wasn’t expecting too much. I did very well though. I got a 77.5% and I got over 80% on every section except FSA. I’m thinking that it was an “easy” exam, so if anyone else took it, can you post your results so we don’t get too overconfident.

I was thinking about purchasing that test. Do you think it was worth it? Was it a well written test?

I took it last fall and I think I scored around 72% in a proctored, timed setting through the Los AngelesCFA/USC review program. I thought it was a tough exam and well worth it. Aside from the CFAI mock, it’s about closest thing out there to the real deal.

Bebo, how did you get the mock from BSA?

I got a random email from the Montreal CFA society (where I live). I don’t remember signing up with them but I got one of the scholarships so maybe the school did it automatically. Either way it was like $80 for a full 6 hour exam with proctors and the whole deal. Definately worth it although I felt that May 1 was a touch early. It would have been more useful to me and the few others I talked to if it was this weekend or next weekend. I would check your local cfa society or google the Boston one because I know you can buy the mock that I took online (they sent me that email too). You can buy it here.