Boston Security Analyst's Practice Exam

Anyone here done the BSAS practice exam? I took it yesterday, scoring 67% overall, but I really tanked in FSA. On the Schweser practice exams, I did much better in FSA. I’m curious if anyone has had similar experiences with the BSAS exam. Wow. That’s an expensive practice test. Was it worth it?

It was included at no extra charge as part of the CFALA/USC review program I just completed. That being said, it was one tough test, and possibly a the best proxy for the actual exam. It was administered in a time-measured, proctored environment with all my fellow candidates. It was given in a hot, stuffy auditorium in two, three hour segments with a 1.5/hr break in between. I now know have a sense working under a lot of time pressure for extended periods of time. jblamb Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > -cart.asp > > Wow. That’s an expensive practice test. > > Was it worth it?

I’m curious as well on the comparison between the Boston exams and the real exam. Anyone able to provide some input in terms of the level of difficulty between the two? Thanks.


they are pretty good from what ive heard, very similar in difficulty to the real deal.

Folks say the Schweser practice exams are harder than the actual exam, but I think that’s because the question stems are longer and require more computations. The BSAS mock exam was less computational, but much more nuanced. It was the kind of thing where questions were literally pulled out of the deepest part of the text. It wasn’t easy – for sure.