Boston Society Exam

How good is this? Is it really worth the 150 bucks I’d have to pay? I already have Schweser Book 6 and 7. I’m thinking it should be enough… Any other opinions? What about the CFA Mock exams (hundred bucks a pop, I think)?

from past experience --> BSAS exan tells you in no uncertain terms what your level of preparedness is. 150$ is a bit on the high side. I know it is being offered by the local CFA society in Washington DC area where I live for 60$. So you might want to check if that is feasible in your area. The exam does tend to give you a bit of kick, since the paper is quite different from expectations. CFA exams from CFAI are the closest to the real thing. And from prior exp. there have been quite a few questions that are repeated in the real exam as well. CP