Boston Society Feedback

To those who took the exam- what did you guys think? Realistically, I thought it was kind of easy. There wasnt much hypothesis testing, virtually no ratio analysis or leasing questions. I especially thought the econ wasn’t hard. But maybe I am more prepared than I initially thought (that would be awesome). Thoughts?

Yeah I felt the same way. I had only 2 days for review and almost all of that was ethics and I got a 77.5%. Since then I’ve got the Eleventh Hour guide and there are so many things I didn’t understand, but none of them were on the mock. Just curious, what was your score? Also I have a friend who took it at the same time as I did, and he got a 67% even though he has only read like half of the readings. I wouldn’t let it get to your head. The actual exam can’t be that easy.

I got a 78%—I was expecting to score in the 60s so I was a bit surprised. I think on the real test we will see much more difficult quant/econ/FI sections. I especially thought Fixed income was easy, I have barely read over it and scored a 75% in that section.