Boston Society Mock Exam (especially LA)

anyone doing it this year? I can’t find the one that we did last year at USC guys, help! how is everyone doing? Grexan, Dongjohnson?

You can just purchase it online this year directly from BSAS at This seems like a new feature!

$149 that’s a lot for 1 exam, they were $50 last year!

wow that is pricey! yayks… gfield thanks for the info… I’ll have to ponder that…

CFALA is still offering the mock for $75 at USC. Here is the L3 registration:

Hey, Iwona, I fell behind again. Trying to catch up. I will be going to the Schweser 3 day next weekend. You coming?

Hey Iwona and Grexan! Good to see you guys here. Grexan, I just signed up for the Schweser 3 day thing for next weekend so I’ll see you there. Iwona, you should sign up too. I’m also falling behind and I feel like I’m not retaining anything…basically exactly how I’ve felt around this time for the past 2 exams. So I figure the 3 day seminar should help refresh things. Guess I’ll do the mock at USC again. $75 at USC is a lot better than the $149 BSAS is charging. (Thanks for the info, wanderingcfa)

thank you wonderingcfa!!! I think I’ll do the mock. Schwester 3 day thing will depend on how much it costs… any idea? is it a review thing? I’m almost done with the curriculum did the readings, lectures and passmaster - but now I really need to focus on remembering and retaining! yayks… I’m on SS16 today… going to a party tonight that I should have said No to! damn!!!

Bumping up this thread from last month, Just got an email asking if I was interested in buying the BSAS. Never used it before for L1 or L2. Wondering if its worth buying for L3? Any value added? I still have 2 cfai sample exams, the mock exam, 1 stalla exam, and the cfai 2007 exam to do?

i’ve heard negative reviews… i am sticking to all the other mocks… there’s so much else out there to take before the BSAS…

wow. $150 an exam. I’m not giving that much to Red Sox nation…

i haven’t taken this years, but for level II it was horrible. Level I was great though.

it was just ok for L3, questions were pretty standard, there were some erratas which sucked, one question in the PM appeared twice, one question had a wrong calculation overall good for review and a good learning tool but nothing fabulous…

or worth a barrel of oil? Speaking of which wasn’t oil in the $50 range when the pumped out last year exam…coincidence?