Boston Study Group


I am wondering if there are any other Level 2 Bostonians out there who would like to meet up on Sundays to go over practice problems and exam strategies. Please reply to this post if you are interested!

I might be interested depending on times, etc. Let me know

I’m interested, also dependent on times, etc. Any ideas on a good spot to meet?

I am interested. Not many places open on sundays. I could possibly host an event at my home in quincy. I am open to other ideas too.

interested as well. there an email chain? could host in a common study space across from the garden.

Not sure if there’s an email chain going. My email is mliz625@ gmail if anyone is interested in some study company. I generally frequent various coffee shops, Paneras, libraries, etc because I can only focus for so long in my apt. I have wound up studying nearby other candidates various times and have found that it helps with motivation, even if we just share a few words or glances of pity.

Might be worthwhile to at the very least get an email chain going; mine is

Some of us are getting together on Thursday night it seems to go over the AM/PM portion of the first Schweser mock. Anyone here have any interest?

How did this go? Starting mocks shortly and curious if anyone found the group review to be beneficial?

go to bpl and you can all see me in misery taking my first mock