Boston Study Group

If anyone is interested in forming a study group in boston post here…i don’t plan on starting till sept.

I am going to start studying November 15th for Level 2. I have a couple other friends who are level 2 candidates that are also looking for a study group. Are you still interested in forming a group?

What is Boston Study Group? how does it work?

Would be willing to join the study group though I’ve just started…

I am very interested in a Boston study group. I won’t be starting till at least Dec 1. Willing to meet any day after 5.

Hey i haven’t been able to check this site regularly so e-mail me at if you want to get together a couple times a week.

I’ll be starting soon. I started on Halloween last year. I’m still trying to plan out what study aids I will be using. CFA text vs. notes- used text for level I BSAS class vs. Schweser - I took Schweser last year, and although I didn’t really learn much, it reenforced what I already knew. Can anyone recommend the BSAS classes? I just moved to Boston, and outside of going back to work to study, what other locations are available? I’ve heard mixed reviews about the Boston Public Library, and I am not a Starbucks study person.

^ Barnes and Nobles @ Prudential Mall is good place but yeah BPL is better

I took the BSAS classes for level 1 this past spring and found them pretty helpful. A bit expensive, about $1300 but you get quality notes provided by the lecturers, about 5 months of class/ once a week, and a simulated mock exam a couple weeks before the actual exam date which was very good. I won’t be doing it for L2 next year only because my work is paying for all schweser material but I will probably do the Boot Camp that the BSAS offers which also offers the mock exam which once again I found invaluable.

Yes, everything is expensive. I have the reimbursed deal, have to pass. Jjenkins- 2 questions; How large were the classes? The Schweser class size were extremely large. And 3 hour sessions weren’t the best use of time. After about the 2 hour mark, not much was getting through. How was the test bank? Schweser’s Q bank was probably the most beneficial study aid I used for level I. For months I printed out questions and used my lunch break to drill the curriculum. Ultimately I’m leaning towards using Schweser again. The whole package (class, notes, q-bank, mock exam, etc.) is $1500.

The classroom size was around 40-50 and it was also a 3 hr class. I used both Schweser Q-bank and BSAS bank and I think Schweser was better if not just for the quantity of questions that you get with them but also the explanations of questions were alot better. However, I would say that the BSAS bank’s questions were closer to what was on the actual exam. The bottomline for me is that a weekly class doesn’t do much for me (going with the video classes instead of live classes) although I do plan on attending the weekend “boot camps” that they both offer in May. I find those very helpful especially in the review process when your trying to lock down the key concepts of the most likely testable sections a month from exam day.

Hey wujb132, I am in the process of putting a study plan together for the group next week that should start the first week in January and will go through the end of May. If you’re interested in a study group please email me and I will add you to the email send out for the group. is the email you can reach me at.