Boston Study Group

I am available phone, email or meet in person. I am in Southern NH and taking L II in june

alright what’s your email

Hey everyone, Just enrolled for the CFA Level 1 In December '11. Just began my studying, very interested in a study group. I live and work in the Boston area. Has anyone taken the lead on organizing a study group? If so, feel free to add

Hi everyone, just enrolled for the CFA level 2 in June 2012 after founding out I passed Level I in Dec.11. I’m going to begin studying soon. Email me if you’re in the same boat and hopefully we can pull this one through. I live in the Boston area

Hey guys, I’m a level 1 candidate. Interested in joining the study group. I live in Allston, work down town. Hit me up: Thanks.

Hi everyone,

I planning to get registered for Level-1 in 2014, may be in December. I would like to get together with other students living around Boston to learn more about how to get well prepared etc.

hey all – Live in Arlington, MA. Studing for level 1 CFA… Kam I see that you live in Arlington, did you end up passing CFA?

Andrew… I went to UNH, graduated 2011, you?

Bump! Im sitting l2 in boston, where is this pathetic group gathering at?

Anyone from the Boston area interested in studying for level 1?

I am interested in studying for level-1 and I live near Boston. Give me your email or something so i can contact you. Thanks