Boston Study Group

Hi All, Anyone from Boston out there? Andrew

andrew i cant see you suffer much longer, i am going to move to Boston

haha i hate you” has a Boston CFA Study Group, but it’s about to go dormant (in 7 days) because no one has stepped up to lead it. I signed up but never used it. (I live in RI.)

is anyone on that active do you know?

Check it out: It says it has 314 members in the group, has had 55 past meetings, and has 4 planned meetings. Still, it’s looking for someone to lead the group, and without a leader, the group is scheduled to “close” in 6 days. As I said, I never used it. Good luck. (UNH=University of New Hampshire?)

Thanks Resolute. Yes, new hampshire, why?

I am a lurker here on the boards but I live and work in Boston.

cool you want to email some problems around? I think my email is visible, if not let me know

Not visible.

resolute Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Good luck. (UNH=University of New Hampshire?) No. Either University of No Holiday or University of Nashua High, depends who you ask.

haha yeah sponge bob- did you go there?

I have vague recollections of that…

haha yeah what year did you graduate

hey guys, I live around Boston (Arlington) and happy to form a study group for Dec’ 11 CFA Level 1. Please let me know your thoughts.

Kam- I am on level 2 but good for you starting really early…I’d be happy to help, do you work downtown?

hey Andrew! thanks for your reply sorry for my late response I work in Burlington town and away from downtown but would love to get few tips be on the phone or in person. It’s been a while since I graduated from Master’s program and definitely need to get into the groove…

ok whats your email