Boston Test Center- Sheraton

Anyone have any experience taking a test in the Sheraton in Boston near the prudential? For both level 1 and 2 I was in the convention center in the seaport, have a nice little routine I do with it being there…unforuntately, looks like they changed it this year and Ill be in the Sheraton. Any insight? Probably a long shot, but yea…

Never took the test there, but just spent a few nights across the street in Marriott. Certainly no shortage of hotel rooms around there. Seems easily accessible by public transporation too, orange line stops at Back Bay and I think it’s the green line that stops a few blocks away at Copely.

My suggestion is to take a walk and scout it out if you’re local.

Centerfolds is easy walking distance from the Marriot. Great place to unwind after a test.

I actually went to check it out over the weekend. Seems like a decent spot for a test. Might be better than the convention center really. Will definitely be nice only having 600 people around rather than 3000

thanks a lot for the information !!!

FWIW, I think it’s a little closer to Hynes on the Green Line.

As somebody who lives in Brookline, I’m pretty happy to have it Back Bay. Not only is it a lot closer but there are good lunch options in the area, and places to celebrate after.

^ You’re probably right. I only know Copley because I walked past it.

I live in Brookline and was tempted to change my test center to Boston in hopes of landing at the Sheraton. Unfortunately there is an equal chance of being stuck out in the Seaport which is a zoo of epic proportions.

I am taking the exam in Vermont with a few crusty hippies and then crushing Saturday night at Stowe.

I asumme its level 3 is in the sheraton and level 1-2 are at the seaport…but not sure. Just what ive seen from the people i do know taking various levels.

They split up the levels? The two test centers I’ve been in have everybody in one gigantic room.

Not 100% sure, but just from what ive seen of people I know sitting for the exam, level 3 people are in the sheraton and level 1 and 2 are at the world trade center in the seaport. Number wise according to CFAI, roughly 600 people are at the sheraton and 2300 in the seaport so that kind of makes sense too.

Post-test drinking at Bukowski’s across the street…