bottom 25%

helloo, i haven’t done any practice tests or banks of questions or anything yet but i seriously reckon at this point i stand in the bottom 25 percentile of students. i think i have time to pull myself up into the 70 percentile range over the next 6 weeks … am i fooling myself? any advice? i’ve covered all the textbook material.

If you’re read the curriculum and have an understanding of it start answering as many questions as possible. You have plenty of time left to review.

How come you automatically think you’re in the bottom 25% despite covering all the material?

Be realistic with yourself, you should be aware of your capacity in retaining information and remembering relationships and applying them. A person with reasonable comprehension could easily complete the whole curriculum in 2 -3 weeks sacrificing free-time. The key is to prioritize the material that is easy vs more challenging/time consuming. It is more productive to master the 85% easy stuff and get through whole curriculum, than to waste time on 15%.

I would hit as many questions as you can, in the time remaining. Focus on the topics with the most weight.

There are plenty of people who take L1 who flat out don’t study. They make up a significant portion of the fail section.