Bow Wow Challenge

Not sure if you guys saw this yet but Bow Wow posted a picture of a private jet acting like he was taking that to NYC, he was later seen in what appeared to be coach on a commercial plane. Everyone has been posting some great memes & pics of them with fake flashy stuff been very amusing

haha that’s great

the bow wow challenge

I think he was in 1st class, but still not the private plane he alluded to with his tweet.

BTW, when did he become just Bow Wow instead of Little Bow Wow?

is bow wow still fighting chris brown or is that not happening.

id like to see both guys get destroyed

I believe when he stopped being a child star aka was around 17/18 and wanted to be taken more “seriously”

Fair enough, ill say first class, wasnt too sure about that. Still hilarious and the stuff people think up in response is too funny

after his Bar Mitzvah. Duh.

haha i do this all the time. just yesterday there was a ferarri with valet while i waited for my car. so the valet helped me with a snap where i pretend the rari is mine and waved peace signs.

If he had diversified his money into different asset classes using a mean variance, hed probably have been able to afford the private jet for his flights. Not only that, but the optimization programs are inexpensive and readily available, it identifies portfolios with the highest expected returns for a given level of risk and associated asset allocaiton, it prevents short selling, cash equivalents are included as an asset class and its widely understood and accepted. On the other hand, he may have been overwhelmed by the # of scenarios presented. Maybe thats why he didnt end up going in with the MVO asset allocation approach and is merely in first class… Or hes just living well below his means.

LOL, got lil bow wow’s song right there