Boys Night

If gent clubs are too daring for you, you can try high end brothels.

I would go for activities. In my neck of the woods, they opened an indoor surfing center. Alcohol is also served, so that can be fun.

we called it power hour. Always got messy

I went to a Turkish bath in Istanbul, my innocence died that day

always bring a friend to the banya



This is a great idea. Shooting trap or some AKs at a range can be a lot of fun. Then head out for some beers after.

I have to hand it to you Brits. You guys can drink. It’s expected of the Irish or Aussies, but you guys do it in typical understated Britishness, and you do it very well.

I could do well in London.

I went to one in Marmaris. It was very pg13

I’m one of those incomprehensible half-brits from the far north of the island and there’s nothing understated about our drinking.

I just youtubed the oak leaves so now i understand it haha, doesnt look like something id want to pay for

shooting range than brazillian steak house is the plan thus far.

haha no brothels for me, trying to live the clean life

Go see a local band.

Go to an NBA game

LAN party!