Boys Night

What do you all do for a typical boys night out? Im looking for some new ideas that don’t involve gent clubs or gambling.

Go out for beers. Or, you could go out for cocktails. Maybe a wine bar if you’re into that sort of thing. Or have some buddies over and do the Century Club (a shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes) while holding a Mario Kart tournament.

I can’t think of any non-alcohol related activities.



sporting event if you’re in a major market or near a D1 college.

Sauna… Not to confuse with spa.

I bet they have those Russian/Turkish Baths in Boston.

Concert (at a smaller place where you can chill, drink and talk) or sporting event. Local boxing match is a pretty good time with the homies, but it’s tough not to gamble.

comedy club (hoping chad invites me sometime)

(drunk) bowling

Way back when…in the good ol’ days…

My friends and I would just go to the Flying Saucer ( and try as many beers as we could. Just hang out, smoke cigarettes, and talk about whatever came to mind.

It looks like only my fellow Texans, Palantir, and Sweep get to take advantage of the glorious Flying Saucer.

You said no to gambling, but Poker nights are A LOT of fun. Just keep it a reasonable $ amount to buy in.

Me and some of my University buddies still do Football Sundays. Just get together and pound a few beers

Go to a nice pool hall (yes they do exist), and let the trash talking take over.

Have you ever gone to a trivia night at a bar? Just went for the first time last week and they are surprising amount of fun

Sporting Events if your willing to spend the $

For the summer time, go golfing or mountain biking if you have great trails close by

boxing event is an awesome idea so is a comedy club.

casino is a norm for our outtings so looking to do something else beisdes grind at a poker table without even interacting.

kr - never been to a russian/turkish bath house, although i know its pretty normal in the east, i always think those places are for gays (not that there’s anything wrong w that)

yah man, all about poker nights… This crew of mine developed from a regular cash game in college and two of the guys now are pros - or so they say. Having said that, sitting around playing 1/2 is no longer fun bc the $ means shit so we end up pushing the limits to at least 5/10 and from there one of guys always ends up in a bad mood.

You have a misconception about it.

It’s not just common, it is classic _ male _ activity.

What else can prove one’s manhood better than getting beaten with birch twigs (or oak leaves branches)?

Wait, are you talking about a BDSM dungeon?

poker night with the guys is not supposed t be competiitve it supoposed to be fun.

me n my boys still do $40 buy in cash game. blinds at 25/50 cents even though most folks make good money,.

its about talking trash, hanging out, drinking with your boys

Haha. No, for that ‘service’ you just need to borrow money and never return :wink:

Go shoot some guns… AMERICA!

Actually, if you have a range nearby; go shoot sporting clays or something if you’re into that sort of things. But, go light on the booze for activities like this; nothing to mess around with if you’re looking to hammer hard.

Totally lost… I do appreciate a woman providing advice for boys night tho haha, jk your input is always welcomed

About what?

Ah, now I finally understand the Zoolander spa scene! Thanks.

Whatsyourgovt: I’m sure you’ve seen Rounders. There’s a Turkish bath scene in there.

Whatsyourgov & krnyc: the only reason I know what krnyc is talking about is because I have seen Fedor (mma god) doing the thing where he is at a Russian bath house getting beaten with branches…and I my college roommate for two years was from Ukraine.

If Fedor does it, there may be something to it.