Boyz 2 Men. What happens in guys night out?

I was going to stay at home and read a book but bitcoin friend invited me to a guys night out. His gf is gone and he essentially wants to hunt! Now he told me that I can’t tell my gf and that we need to grind on young booty in a different area code lol. Guys night out for me is bad business, but what do you guys do?

Wtf is this sh!t

Lol yep I did the right thing! Nothing! Haha just sort of talked to chicks, listened to music, essentially went on lookout for the hottest chick in the club.

There are about 4 of us with girlfriends. And a total of 7 dudes. Many of said dudes were grinding on chicks. So I think many feel that grinding is not cheating.

Bitcoin friend had a tough time trying to cheat, but that’s what happens when ur overweight! Relationships make you complacent. Do not let your guard down! Work out!

anyways do you guys do guys night out? Where you hang with just the dudes and no significant others.

So you guys just go out with 7 guys to a club and grind chicks? Pretty wholesome lifestyle.

Dear, I have made a career out of guys doing this :confused:

Either Nerdy is truly the Mack Daddy, or he is a world-class online poseur that does none of this stuff.

Drink beer, eat something extremely unhealthy, watch a fight or some other sport, complain about work and women. Talk shit. That’s about it.

mb your friends need lasik?

I’m honestly just wondering how 7 dudes were allowed in a club. Is this a west coast thing?

^ you just split up into pairs or something.

Went out last weekend, me and 4 other guys post football match clubbing. We been drinking heavy since 2pm, smashing bottles.

Go to nightclub with mates at 11pm, get a table, buy 2 bottles of vodka… literally im steaming right now. I go to dance floor with 2 other pals… literally 3 of the hottest girls all move in my direction… looking at me. One of them grabs me, but i tell her i gotta chick so can’t do shizzle…she says that she want me inside her. I abort at that point and go back to the table and dance near there.

Then 20mins later, next chick does a similar things…but tells my friend that she like the look of me. She’s some 21y/o latino, looking sext AF… . damn she’s hot… but i abort that too. Next girl i’m in toilet, she’s looking at me, i say hi (silly i know) and the she comes over to the table… blah blah same story 19 goddess.

At 2am i’m outta there otherwise things get too messy and i get too tempted to do something stupid.

This was last week guys… but srsly this typa stuff happens all the time.

i mean im pretty sure the only time you have to split up is in vegas aka, never more than 4 or you will be forced to get a bottle. in cali, they typically charge a cover between 5 to 20 bucks ranging from bars to clubs. if you get in early around 1030, its usually free.

Hmm. Where are these places where 30 something year old guys can walk in and 19 year old 9.5s just ask to get plowed? Looks like this is an opportunity for learning. And to think that bitcoin guy (8m) had to settle for 40 year old gold digger old lady with fake tits. Why has no one been helping him or what.

18 and over clubs. there are plenty.

to be fair the bitcoin girl looks pretty good, its just when you study her up close you see her age aroudn mid 30s. bitcoin guy was a savage but he was typically with bottom barrel chicks who are pretty fat. 5 and under. on a fantastic night he’ll get with a 8 or 9 and usually cuz i was there to support him.

The girls in those Yelp photos look skanky as hell.

lol dont tell me you have that mindset? skanks are a great thing!

my bitcoin buddy has that same type of retarded slut shaming thinking. if a girl is a hoe, he doesnt want a thing to do with them. this past weekend, there was this 1 turnt (she was on 1) latina chick who grinded on 3 of my friends. initially bitcoin wanted in on the fun, but after a train of dudes he flipped and was like wow you guys are like eskimo brothers and want second hand use.

i mean quite honestly, i feel like we shouldnt slut shame girls. this is very wrong and counter the entire purpose of guys night out. this is behavior we should outright encourage and even reward. my ibanker buddy was on it the whole nigth though. making out with her everywhere, i even saw her sitting on the support of a couch straddling my friend. very nice! i snapchatted it. and though bitcoin gave him a hard time, i shut that shit down, cuz he was just hating he didnt get to it first.

with that said we need to have good hygiene as well as use protection. for example if i make out with more than 1 chick for the night. i get hand shakes from dudes. but honestly its actually kind of gross when i do that shit, cuz i feel bad for the next girl. so i make it a habit to rinse my mouth after im with a chick and i hope that the chick im with does the same thing.

if you have a girl - and don’t intend to cheat - i dont know why you guys put yourself through that suffering and go to a club.

i have boys night at least one a month, usually every other week. Start with a steak dinner and move to whiskeys at some nearby bar. Use this time to catch up with the single dudes and their latest girls but often these sessions more akin to a brain storming session for new business ideas, bio hacks, nutrition, women, etc - almost like our own meathead podcast with ideas flowing from whatever podcast the mates have listened too (sadly its mostly jre, aubrey marcus, jocko) so it tends to revert back to the same topics. nonetheless, although women approach us, and we’ll spark up a convo here and there, these tend to be more group therapy oriented vs chasing tail. We’ll talk about the upcoming fights or combat sports recaps but most of the time its deep stuff - i sympathize if you cant have real talk with your friends and need to focus solely on sports.

boyz 2 men, abc, bbd…the east coast family.