BPP Mock

Hi All,

I’ve been a lurker for awhile but wanted to ask a question here. Has anyone purchased the BPP mock? I just finished it and wow, I found it extremely difficult. I’ve been in the 60-65 range for the Schweser and CFAI mocks, but BPP I ended up in the low 50s, some problems were just a blank stare for me.

Anyone else take this mock yet? If so, thoughts?


No, but can you please pass a copy to me then I will have a go.

I’ve done a couple of BPP mocks for level 1. I found the questions a lot more difficult (badly worded, and testing the hardest topics of each reading).

I think they will be good to review for tough concepts, but not for actual representation of the exam.

I assume it will be the same for L2.

I’ve had the same problem. Was doing okay on kaplan/cfai (65+) but really really struggled with this mock and gave up in the pm.

Praying the real exam is not like that mock.

OK forget about it, Thanks

Likewise, I didn’t even bother with some questions in the PM. I’m glad to hear others have had the same experience with this mock…a bit reassuring. Still a lot of work to go though in any case before Saturday!