Brace yourselves people!!

Restlessness in Level 2 forum can be sensed…Making me nervous too for level 3 results…

can’t help but feel nervous for them…

man… level 2 was a nightmare. Still feel good about passing that one.

It’s actually nice to sit back and watch others go into meltdown.

It’s been me the last 2 years.

L2 was a bitch.

Silly question : With many ppl saying that l2 is a beast…would you be more proud of passing l2 than l3?

I’m always proudest of my next accomplishment, not my last one… but that might be me.

what if you won the nobel prize for your last accomplishment but completely butchered your next?

If i won the Nobel prize then my goal would be to defend it next year haha.


June 2012 Exam Pass Rates

  • Level I: 38%
  • Level II: 42%
  • Level III: Available 7 August

Does anyone have the link to prior pass rates?

Some nerd already updated it

I love nerds

Well, passing L3 implies passing L2. So, when people say they are proud of passing L3, that probably includes the cumulative achievements.


The n00bs seem like a highly motivated group… ready to take the test yesterday!

allow me to explain. Passing level II by the skin of your teeth is like getting away with a pregnancy scare. For at least the time immediatly preceeding the event, you make sure it isn’t going to happen again.

The L2 forum is being overrun my L1 passers (who are very eager to start studying already!). so I decided to come here and lurk until I begin L3 studying.