brain fried...

been studying for 12+ hours w/a few breaks…and just took the first CFA mock (prob not the best time to take it)…disappointed in both my score…and the fact that i’m not sure i learned anything, except i suck and still have work to do…i don’t feel like i learned much due to the way they give results… …without the q’s…it’s almost pointless to provide the answers…am i wrong? all i got in the end, was my results and the explanations of answers…did i miss something somewhere?..feel like i can’t take much away from it, because i don’t even know WHAT i got wrong…except just the SS where i’m weak my results were: Overall 65% Ethics: 67% Quant: 65% Econ: 91% FSA: 67% Corp Fin: 60% equity: 50% Deriv: 67% FixedInc: 50% Alt Inv: 84% Port Man: 67% Not great by any means…but weird because on the schweser’s i’d been nailing equity & quant… sorry just venting to the anonymous world…but man this is frustrating!

it is okay, if you get 60-70% on most sections, it could be a pass.

ash… i feel your pain. ive been getting mid 80’s on schweser the past week, wrote a mock today, got a disapointing 65%. i dunno where to go from here…advice anyone???

Take a day off and drink

ash, i wouldn’t be too discouraged. in fact, i think you did quite well considering you studied for 12+ hours. you were in 60-70% in most of the categories. and 91 in econ!

the risk in having a drink is taking it too far When I fry out, I watch a comedy or part of one - this way i dont think about anything but my time out is controlled maybe you didnt learn any content, but you should now know that if you get your equity and fi scores up a bit, (along with drilling ethics), you’ll probably pass