Brain Supplements

Supplements for your body are known and excepted but beyond caffine, and perhaps medication for attention, little is mainstream for memory retention. I came across a few and wanted to see if anyone has any experience with these substances:

provigil (modafinil)


artichoke extract & forsoklin

I’d rather just eat the artichokes.

(With sour cream and a little dijon. Even better when they’re grilled on the barbecue.)

you eat foreskin bro?


I mostly stick with the caffeine or a combo with b-vits like 5 -HR energy. Like you said, I don’t think their is a great option outside pharm grade.

Eating the foreskin unleashes the true potential of Brian.

b12 methyl

My brain function has improved markedly (at least throughout the day) since dropping caffeine.

Bath salts

Christina Ag

I know there was a thread about this, but I forget what your situation was. What do you mean “dropping caffeine”?

Were you drinking 14 cups of coffee per day and you’ve given it up completely? Like, no caffeine, ever? Or do you just drink 1-2 cups in the morning?

^ Greenie: I never drink any caffeine anymore, other than trace amounts in decaf. I never drank tons of it, a couple cups of coffee a day (I drink no soda). But now I have this constant mental clarity. Before I was focused after a coffee, but then started to wane after a couple hours. I’d then top it up with another coffee. Now its just a steady baseline of mental perfection. It was tough at first, especially the mornings. But after a couple of weeks it seems that my system has shrugged off the need for caffeine. My sleep is vastly improved, as is digestive function. I am really happy with the results.

Brain Health

  1. Stop fapping.

  2. Clean your colon!

  3. Exercise.

  4. Ease back on alcohol and caffeine.

  5. Read this nigga’s book.


No fap works wonders for brain clarity

Water and sleep

also, eat plenty of good fat. animal fats, nuts (to go with the foreskin), and seed(s) (also part of the foreskin experience). Avacado is the perfect food. I put that shit on everything.

+1 on avocado

I think that the beverage Nawgan had some moderate benefits.

I drink Coke, loaded with sugar. It turns into fat. So not only are you getting the proper fats, but your body has to work, ensuring health and brain clarity.

See? Two benefits in one!

^ Is that you Dr. Oz?

is it laziness that compells people to stick to the basics and discard anything new?

Et tu s2000!