Bravo: Marathon Study Week / Weekend, May 23 - 29

“The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself.” -General Douglas MacArthur The second of the last two weeks is approaching and June 6th is itching to seal the fate of this year’s L2 exam for all of us. The lucky ones will get exactly what they put into this exam. So lets get together some more luck for 6/6 and put in all we have this week!!! BRAAAAAAAAVVVVVOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Patience, practice, persistence. Lets do this baby!

they should call it “beta”, lol!

I need to amp it up big time. Some serious review and mock exam.



What do u’all plan to tackle?

2nd to last weekend, and a nice long one at that, it’s a great opportunity to tighten things up. Get on it!

bravo is the weekend where the magic seriously is going to happen. free extra day. everyone else in the world is bbq’ing and enjoying. this is where passes are made. just say no to fun and just say yes to memorizing that FCFE formula with the debt ratio, etc. on the agenda for me practice test-wise: sat: schweser 2PM book 6 sun: 3AM mon: 3PM (will take the CFAI mock alpha weekend and that’ll conclude my practice tests- no book 7 here) around that, a STRONG review of formulas and whatever other things come up that need serious review. time to lock it up.

Secret sauce all week + weekend - one more time FSA and EQT+AI from schweser (core stuff…need to be aced) next week - formulas + note cards + quant + Deriv Alpha weekend - Mock + CFAi vignette style problem. Last week - review of all the tests I took this year + formulas

lets do this. on the menu - continue re-doing all CFAI chap end questions - probably hitting quant, econ, and FSA. really - for real this time take a full day if need be and figure out PM - it’s the one area i consistently get no better then 3/6 on item sets. BSAS mock - monday.

I’m taking Schweser Practice Exam 3 (am and pm), then going through the first two CFA books end of chapter questions, and more if I can find the time and/or motivation. Schweser Practice Exam 2 AM bent me the fugg over last night (28 out of 40, and need to do the last 20 tonight), and that was just the wake up call that I needed. I’ve put in the time for the past few months, silly not to finish strong.

Saturday: Review the areas that are still giving me trouble (Quant, FSA, & Derivatives) Sunday: Schweser Practice Exam 2 AM & PM Monday: Review weak areas