Brazil Worldcup Forecast... Which team do you think will be the winner?

Anyone watching worldcup? If so, which team do you think will win? and why?

Spain…they still have players to do it 1 more time

Spain… quality in terms of players is second to none

I’ll just go with the mode. Though Argentina is looking hungry this year…

This has to be the 5’th football thread running side by side. Can’t we just merge everything FFS.

Brazil (cause of referees) or Belgium (cause strong)

Spain. I want them to crush brasil.

Germany. If Spain or Germany win, it would be the first time in history a non-South American team wins in South America.

Pulling for Spain, but I think Argentina will take it. It has to be a south american team, argentina is basically at home, I don’t think Brazil quite has it…etc etc. Lionel Messi has a point to prove.

I’d be happy if Argentina won it…but I got a feeling about Germany.

Winning 4 major international tournaments on the bounce is entering legendary status, Spain don’t look like they have the legs for this final stretch.

Germany have lost their best player, Ozil is somewhat out of form and apart from maybe Muller, don’t have anyone to lead the line. Klose is aging.

Brazil are in Brazil but this is Argentina’s tournament. Messi will play with some fire and i don’t think anyone can stop them.

Neymar will confirm his status as a superstar and Messi as a top 3 all time great.


I have a feeling Spain’s team selection tonight might cause a few surprises.

germany aren’t a great team but they will go far as they have the right mentality.

england will do better than expected but will fold when the pressure is on

messi needs to perform this time or his legacy will be tarnished

I’ll go with the boring pick…Brazil.

I’m putting some money on Spain at 13/1

I was shocked when I heard the final score of Spain’s game. On the bright side, they also lost their 1st game in 2010 before winning it all.