Break into financial sector ?


I would to know something.

I am 34 old, I teach economy in French university and I did a french “Grande école” in Paris (mainly in economy).

I have a little experience in financial sector (like trainee) few years ago.

And I am now an entrepreneur too, I created a company in wealth management (but my business isn’t extraordinary).

Do you think I can to break into financial sector now ?

What certification or MBA could be useful ?

Thank you very much for your answers.

Have a nice day

What is your definition of the “financial sector”?

Are you staying in France or talking about the US/Canada?

What type of wealth management company did you create?

What do you want to do, specifically?

It’s not too late to be an advisor. If you have programming/coding skills there’s probably some role out there for you. Otherwise…I think it’ll be tough.

Sorry my question wasn’t enough accurate.

Financial sector is very large.

I prefer to stay in France or go to Switzerland.

With my company I help people to select funds to invest. Usually i don’t analyse stocks, I prefer a macro approach.

For example the caia chapter about funds seem interesting for me. I like to read it. Also I like to read books about macro-finance and use them to invest.

Today I have a Master of economy.

So, could I join for example a fund of funds ? Should I passed a certification ? CAIA seem interesting but without strong specialization.

Thank you very much