break up over CFA

So I just called an end to my relationship last night coz I do not feel I am getting the support but only distraction/headaches/heart problems. He called me drunk sunday night and tangled me on the phone for 3 hours. In the morning when I woke up, I felt completely victimized and last night when I talked to him he said he did not remember a thing he said. I was like what? I just wasted my good 3 sunday hours with a drunken. He apologized but I do not think it is acceptable. It is disappointing but I think I did the best for me, right?

I know how you feel. My gf moved out of the apartment we shared for the better part of 15 months 3 weeks ago, tough times require tough measures. I may get back together with her when this exam is all over, though nothing’s for certain - we still care for each other. The fact your bf was drunk blabbering when he knows full well your studying hard for level 3 is pretty off. Did you do the right thing, probably. Whether you leave the communications channels open with him is another question entirely. You just need to focus on cracking this exam, end of. He should at least understand that. K

Keep your focus. If you do not have the support you need for this exam, you will not have the support you need from him when bigger/harder problems arise. You are trying to better yourself - DO IT. It’s unfortunate that you had to break up, but you must do what you need to do. This reminds me that I’m very lucky that my girl is studying diligently for the MCAT exam at the same time - we support each other all day every day, and it’s a wonderful thing.

A recent study shows that they left for people who already had a Charter…

Singlesong, You have done the right thing. You do not need this kind of person for life partner-believe me. You need support at this point-if you get the opposite, meaning that he does not understand the value of the Charter or how difficult is the exam. These kind of troubled people do not make good life partners. You have done the right thing-now stick to it. Same goes for Kakane.

man relationships are tough when doing this beast. It definitely puts the strain on. Good to take a break now and reasses afterwards.

I didn’t know you are a female. How you doing, Singlesong? Do you want to sing a duet with me?

I had a gf when I was studying for the CPA exam who would always say “No, we can’t go out tonight - you have to study.” I thought she was being supportive, when actually she had something new on the side. Ultimately, it worked out well: I passed the exam and I dumped the freak. Get rid of the loser. Life is too short to deal with that kind of drama. I am likely older than you and trust me, there is someone who will be your biggest fan, not your biggest heckler. Which would you rather have?

Definitely dump him. If he’s treating you like that now, who knows how it’ll progress. Total douche move to do something like that. There is better out there.

pupdawg82 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I didn’t know you are a female. > > How you doing, Singlesong? Do you want to sing a > duet with me? who says he/she is a female? :slight_smile: let him know how difficult the exam process is for you and that the last thing you need right now is distraction. i’d say give him one more chance

I don’t think studying should ever be a reason to end a relationship.

I’ve gone through 3 girlfriends already in this program and I’m pretty that the current one has profile ready should I fail L3 this June.

It depends on how close and how long the two of you have been together before this incident. Has anything similar happened in the past or was this a one-off event? Was this the only factor that prompted your decision or are there others? Were the two of you together during L1 and/or L2? People who have not experienced the CFA process firsthand, oftentimes do not truly comprehend the effort/stress involved with it. If (1) the two of you had something good before this and (2) this was an uncharacteristic and one-off incident on his part, then it might be worth salvaging the relationship. Through all three levels, I never lost sight of the fact that in this is just a series of exams. If you allow them to dominate and control your life, they will crush you and make you miserable. Always keeps things in perspective. Just my 2 cents…

It seems to be a trend for me to find a girlfriend to settle down with right before I start studying (level I and II) so I don’t feel pressured to go out and meet girls instead of studying on some nights. By the time the one month before exam time rolls around I am usually too stressed and in a poor mood to deal with a significant other…we will see what happens for the final round this year…

so what you saying is that you’re single? Look me up!

my gf keeps suggesting a wedding, it’s a little hard to focus on both right now :slight_smile:

5months of dating. I could prob have tried harder to work things out with him if there were no CFA. Cool guy, but too dominating. That drunk call just pushed me over the limit. It just shows he has no regard to my time. I cannot diverge my energy in fighting my way now. I am thinking I might contact him again after the test to see how things go. But it will be another story.

If you consider the 3 hours spent talking to him a waste of time that you could have been studying - I think the exam is much more important than him in your mind already. Studying for somthing like this is hard on any relationship, and the person does need to be supportive for you. My husband has already said I better pass this year - he would like his wife back! Well at least he is not putting pressure on me!