Break up

Who feels more hurt after a break up?1)Boy or 2)Girl (assuming both cared for each other)

Are we talking about India? Probably the girl since she’ll be stoned.

I’m assuming “break up” is a euphemism for sexual assault? In that case, I’m going to say the woman would probably be in worse shape.

Not country specific…its general question.

Just tell us your story RR, AF is a safe place.

It depends. Did the India Police Service in this case catch the guys who kidnapped and broke up with the girl or did they get away with it?


Did the break up have anything to do with how the other person smelled?

Probably the girl’s parents, as they will be shamed for offering insufficient dowry.

Everyone is replaceable, this goes for man or woman. Having said that, most women put forth a relationship (family) as their main mission in life whereas a man (if he is honest) will probably put a bigger calling above a relationship. So, I would say a breakup (all else equal) is more difficult for a woman.

If its in india you have to extend your statistical population to animals too.

What about homosexual relationships?


Minus the fact that most reasonably attractive women can walk into the same bar you’re at with your friends the very next day and take the taller guy 5 ft from you home in about 10 seconds flat.

Who was the other guy that posted pictures and was banned?

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He didn’t ask who feels more butt-hurt.

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