Breakfast Interview tomorrow

This will be the 3rd round for an Investment Analyst position. I will be meeting a Port. Mgr and a Senior Analyst for breakfast. Then after breakfast, I will do another real interview with 2 other analysts. This job is MO. I like the company, and the job is better than my current one, but I’m just thinking about the possibility of moving to FO. I’ve made it very clear to the CFO, managers, etc. that I want to be in FO, and the thing I liked about this firm is they encouraged my drive and brought me back for multiple rounds. So should I bring this topic up again since the ppl I’m meeting tomorrow are actually FO people? I’m assuming this will be just chit-chatty right? Any tips? Also, looking on the website, I see that one of maybe 50+ FO analysts came from the MO group I am interviewing for. The vast majority of others came from BB’s or other buyside shops.

good luck

I think it is easy to slide in a comment or two about how your vision is to be in the FO. Not saying it will lead to regret down the road, clarify expectations now while you are both interviewing eachother. I would guess some question on long term goal or whatever will come up, and that is your chance to make the statement.