Breaking into Financial Services

I graduated in may of 09 during the whole downturn, as a result Finance really was not an option. Joined a major consulting firm working on government projects in a financial role. In the time since graduation I have completed level 1 and am hoping to pass level 2 in june. Given the above information and a 3.2 GPA in Finance & Ops from a non major school, what are the odds of getting into an entry level finance position ? After Level 1 i applied to a large number of positions with only 2 interviews and no job to show. Also how helpful would a bloomberg certification ?

Please be more specific. Would you like to get into IB, AM, PE, or what? You said you’re currently working for a major consulting firm. Are you referring to M/B/B or big 4 consulting. If you were in M/B/B, you should just stick there and go to a top mba in a few years later. Don’t do a bloomberg certification. No one cares. I completed it when I was in school and was never asked during interviews. Just pass level 2.

Dude, what’s gone is gone, and unfortunately for unexplainable idiosyncratic reasons, you won’t be having any advantage over the fresh new crop that’s ready for harvest, if not having any disadvantage of being in cold storage. Forget you graduated in 09 (I also did), you are only at disadvantage for that, and noone’s going to cover for your (or mine, or everyone’s who graduated in 09) bad luck. Suck it up and move on. Do whatever you can, to build a profile for top MBA, or MS or PhD if you like, in 2015 when you’ll be graduating, you can start afresh new, with vengence! Or keep on working your ass off for the lucky off campus entry level break in finance!

WTF is a bloomberg certification? Why would you need that?

Basically, Bloomberg wants to train young people on their platform so they will continue to use Bloomberg throughout their careers.

are you good at picking locks?