breaking into investment banking

ok a bit about me…ill qualify as a chartered accountant(india)in may 2015(probably with an all india rank). i have also cleared cfa level career plan is to work in IB after graduating and they later get a mba or ms(finance) if desired. my long term career plan is to work in fund management. now of what i have heard around you need atleast 1-2 years of experience to get an entry level job in internship was from a pretty small firm and the only decent work experience i have is working experience i have is assissting in the internal audit of a listed company-a fertiliser manufacturer.

i applied for the summer analysts program of two big investment banks but havent received a response yet(didnt expect to receive any going from the resume i sent them).

now please give me some advice regarding the path i should take:

1)take up whatever job i get after i qualify as a c.a.(if i get an all india rank ill probably get a good paying job too) and then get a mba or ms(fin) two years later from a good college(india or abroad)

2)get into a summer training IB program using some sort of reference(have a good one-one of the biggest stock brokers in india)

3)get a mba straight after completing my c.a(indian b schools dont really give a high weightage to work ex)

  1. get an internship at equity research department of one of india’s biggest brokers?

thank u