Breaking into Wall Street - worth it?

Hi All,

I appreciate this has been asked several times so apologies for repeating the question but would like a fresh perspective. I am considering purchasing Breaking into Wall Street financial modeling course for $500 and wondered if it is worth it? I took a fin modeling class at a top UK uni last year, and while it was good, it wasn’t quite as detailed as I would have hoped.


oh yeah worth more than CFA is worth

disagree with the above statement… but yeah its good to develop modeling skills for someone fresh outta undergrad. solid ROI given its price.

No, save your 500 dollars and go here

If you can recreate these and speak intelligently to how they work, you’ll be in demand

Just get a job and do real work. :bulb:

Fair enough - but some people need to build certain skills to get that job :bulb:

This link below helps you:

@iprofit4sure Thanks for this, much appreciated - had a skim through and this looks decent!

This looks solid. If you can’t understand it and need hand holding, I’m sure BIWS is the same as “Wall St. Prep” which is what I used many years ago. All good tools to get some modeling experience under your belt.

Token worthless advice to someone who was asking the best way to increase their skill set. About what I expected from him.

i don’t know mang…If i am hiring a junior analyst or summer intern, I would want someone who can do the real job such as updating financial models under my guidance, digesting the relationships and interrelations with all the line items in IS, BS, and CF statements and how these affect free cash flow used to derive implied value…All these are attainable through the $500 course Breaking Into Wall Street…

I am not going to ask the intern or jr analyst about DTL or DTA or what happens to NI for firms using LIFO or FIFO in increasing inflationary environment or what is the risk tolerance level of our pension fund investor from the West coast??

Yes, CFA is great learning IF you know how to model and if you’re already in the industry (first year or second year jr analyst).

Modeling knowledge, however is a MUST.

I increased my skill set by getting a job and doing real work. :bulb: :bulb:

Good for you. You want a cookie?

OP may already be working, like I was, who knows. My guess is he is trying to go outside his job, like I was, and add a skill set he does not have, like I did, in order to help him land a better job in the industry. Good for him.

Adding skills and improving the skills you already have is a legitimate way to get ahead or change careers. There’s a whole industry based on continued education just for that. You’ll also find that most regulators and SROs require some form of continued education. If you don’t add skills through CE you will probably lose your job to a better more skilled analyst who takes extra courses and earns certifications that prove it. Modeling skills are useful even for financial planners like me. Good for you. You’re greatly expanding your career options.

Already got a six digit bonus cookie, while kids were paying to sit in modeling class. :open_mouth:

hi all. so i have no experience on financial modeling and im trying to get into the industry (i work in a call center co and decided to really push for a career in finance after i passed L2). are there free financial modeling tutorials on the web that you could recommend?

Best free I could find:

they have an operating model, LBO, and merger model. Step by step, that’s how I learned how to model.

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Many of us have gotten ‘six digit bonus cookies’. No one cares dude.

@hpracing thanks man. this is a gold mine. wish there were also video tutorials out there

Why do you have to break in? Pretty sure that’s illegal!


i got a really good one. will help you break in 100%. please see link below.