Breaking news: Hillary Clinton hires Itera and Geo as advisors

At yesterday’s Town Hall:

CLINTON: Please do it because right now in Ohio, I was told there are 60,000 jobs available for skilled work in the trades and these are jobs that go $40,000, $50,000, $60,000 to start. I met a woman welder in Merion who, you know, she got into the program, got her certification in welding, and she’s already moved from $14 dollars an hour to $19 dollars an hour with more increases in sight. So, we have got to open up the trades, but we also have to encourage more people to think about those as an occupation profession.

Yes! Plumbers FTW! Hillary/sanders need to understand that 50% of college grads already take jobs that don’t require a college degree. Getting more people into college with free govt or subsidized college isn’t going to help!

Yup. Making more college graduates doesn’t make more college graduate jobs, it just makes working at Starbucks require a degree. Many more people should go into the trades. I’m certain that 90% of trades jobs are better than working retail (or most other jobs) forever.

Isn’t $19ph only $36k p/yr… ?

19*8*5*48 = $36.5k. She said it was $40k starting…

^ Last time I checked there are 52 weeks in a year…

^ He thinks we follow a European work schedule and everyone takes a month off.

And you may not be working each hour in a day…

Does Hillary even have a conceptual understanding of what is $40k a year? I mean, she’s been a plutocratic overlord for so long that all those numbers probably seem the same.

^ Does she even understand $40,000 per hour? She was getting $200,000+ on the speaking circuit, right?

Yes both Clintons were making boatloads of money giving speeches to wall street, foreign governments, and special interest groups. Coincidently, many of those same groups also donated tons of money to the Clinton foundation and had good fortune in their business dealings as a result. Bribes. Just do it.

How dare you besmirch the honor and integrity of the Clintons!?!

They even made a deal with Trump to run as a Republican and guarantee that Hillary will win.

Barry won’t let that happen. He needs Clinton to lose so she won’t be able to nominate slick willy to the UN. Barry wants that job.

Exactly. The Clintons, as democrats, would never do such a thing. That’s as unbelievable as a democrat having a primetime show on a national news network and having guests appear on his show days after they make a contribution to his wife’s congressional campaign fund, or as unbelievable as a member of a democratic president’s cabinet failing to declare income on his taxes, or a prominent advisor to a democratic president failing to pay taxes at all, or a democratic president banging interns in the oval office, or a democratic congressman taking pictures of his junk and texting it to a woman who isn’t his wife. Democrats just don’t do stuff like that.

Even then, that’s a paid month off, so I really struggle with where the 48 weeks comes from.

According to this article, congress was in session for 133 days in 2014.

So better gross up to account for how the other 99.9999% live.

Trump head ppl u gonna throw soldiers to the west of Usa to expel immigrants like u did indians centuries ago