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‘A town mayor in Australia has upset the locals by suggesting that ugly women should move there. John Molony is the Mayor of Mount Isa, a remote mining town in Queensland, where there’s a massive shortage of women. According to the most recent census in 2006, there were just 819 women aged 20-24 living there out of a total population of 21,421. Mr Molony proposed a novel solution to the lack of eligible ladies in an interview with the Townsville Bulletin: "With five blokes to every girl, may I suggest that beauty-disadvantaged women should proceed to Mount Isa. “Quite often you will see walking down the street a lass who is not so attractive with a wide smile on her face. Whether it is recollection of something previous or anticipation for the next evening, there is a degree of happiness,” he said. “Some, in other places in Australia, need to proceed to Mount Isa where happiness awaits. Really, beauty is only skin deep. Isn’t there a fairy tale about an ugly duckling that evolves into a beautiful swan,” he added. The council has since been swamped with complaints from both men and women’

i read that and was laughing out loud this AM. too funny. the women said in response, yeah the odds are good but the goods are odd.

Ha ha I hadnt read that bit, there is no way I could come up with a response as clever as that if questioned