looks like the mayor is in support of this. I dont see much downside…to the UK

what are the odds of this happening?

anyone see a Deuexit/Gerexit next

Odds are prob 80/20 stacked against brexit.

They should let them go.

It will be a 50.5/49.5 decision (it has to be, if negotiated properly), but I really doubt that this will happen.

What are odds for Scotland referendum that happen again soon after BREXIT?

Within 1yr; Prob 50/50. Within 2yrs, 80/20 towards referendum

Personally I would be afraid 'cause often purchase things

from UK sellers with 48 h delivery without duty and significant

shipping costs but such rules toward and applying only to UK are almost silly.

I mean UK rebate, opt- out policy, now those social transfers different for other EU citizens.

Even, if they stay, I expect this topic actual again for decade or two (of course if EU survives so long).

With every fibre of my being I hope we vote to leave.

Why do you want UK to leave the EU?

What happens if Britain votes to leave? I assume Scotland then votes again and secedes from Britain, rejoining the EU. So England becomes like a bigger Switzerland? Large periphery figure in Europe, niche player on the world scene?

It makes sense for UK to leave the EU, it’s just not a cultural fit with the broader Euro mainland. But it’ll likely not happen.

What are the downsides to member ship for the UK?

I actually have a question regarding BREXIT.

I hold a british passport and I moved to germany last year (Legit registered in Germany), what happens if the UK leave the EU, will I then need to apply for dual nationality, apply for visas bla bla bla because this could really be s**t.

Would I need to be sent back to the UK to sort all my s**t out and then move back?

Will you be entitled to vote EnglishGerman?

Who is eligible to vote actually? British passport holders resident in the UK obviously but does it stretch any wider than that?

I’m finding it hilarious reading all the opinions and comments of the English online without even a hint of acknowledgement that the view was very different when the shoe was on the other foot when we were voting for Scotland to leave the UK.

Perfect scenario for me, UK votes to leave, during the 2+ year process of untangling the UK from the EU, Scotland has another independence referendum, votes to leave the UK and seamlessly joins the EU, the investment managers in London all move to Edinburgh so I can return to a boomtown after I’ve eventually been chased out of the US by a band of yanks incensed with my drunken swearyness, views on gun and impossibly pale skin.

So if Scotland doesn’t exit the EU we couldn’t call it Brexit. Lets call it Cuntxit. Hope it catches on…

As far as I’m concerned the Scots are free to leave…don’t let the door hit you on your way out :wink:

They can join the Euro too…let’s see how that works out for all the managers out there.

Pity you don’t get a say in it.

Indeed! Pity for both of us as it seems like we’d both vote for the same thing, albeit for very different reasons!

All joking aside though, I was born and raised in Newcastle to Irish parents, so my affinities lie much more with the northerners/Scots than with the southern shandy drinking fairies I now find myself surrounded by in London.

I’m desperate for the UK to leave the EU, and I believe there are few worse feelings than living your life feeling like you are being governed from afar by people who don’t exactly have your best interests at heart. So on that basis, if the Scottish people truly want to break away from the UK and govern themselves, then who am I to stand in their way. I say good luck to them, no malice intended.

However, I wonder if the “economic plan” for a self-goverened Scotland remains the same now that the oil price has sh@t off, to put it mildly. It will be interesting to see how they get on, if a break away was ever to happen. You could kiss the Barnard formula “gravy train” goodbye for one…

But yeah…I’m a big believer in giving the people what they want, and if what they want is independence, then let it be so.

you’re right, had the result been Yes in September 14 Scotland would be well and truly screwed by now given what’s happened to the oil price. I deliberated long and hard about my vote and didn’t go until 11pm. One of the deciding factors was the UK general election and how Scotland really don’t have a say in it whatsoever due to the population concentration in the south east. David Cameron and David Miliband are about as alien to me as Trump and Cruz or Hollande or Merkel or whoever. When I lived in London I felt like I was in a foreign country, similar to how I felt when I lived in Sydney. Scottish independence really seemed like something that would shake up the stale political system, Westminster and the Lords and the way they conduct themselves really is a joke and it doesn’t seem like it will ever change materially. If I’m honest, with the extra perks Scotland have been getting as a result of almost leaving and if Devolution max ever comes to fruition then I’m quite happy to keep things as they are. If Brexit happens though, Scottish independence would be an eventuality.