Brian D. Singer

can someone answer me this…why would someonne join the CFA Board of Governors, without a CFA? Why would someone want to, and why would the “the institute” feel that was appropriate? several board members do not have the designation, just seems strange.

This is a simple query. Obtaining a charter and being on the Board or Management team and running the show are entirely different issues. Think about it for a while, you’ll laugh. The Board of Governors usually bring different perspectives and experiences to the Board so that they can effectively evaluate the management. Also, CFA Institute is involved in a lot other areas and conducting exams is one of those. Not all the people on Board of a company come from the same industry, not all board members in a University will be PHDs or academicians. Though it is not bad if you have those credentials. Yes to a layman it may sound fine that “Can’t we find even one CFA Charterholder among thousands on the CFAI Board of Governors?” But, that is NOT what is required. I am sure the people on Board meet a stringent criteria formulated at multiple levels. As long as you meet that, you are good to go.