Brian Dunn

“You can lose a lot of money chasing women, but you’ll never lose women chasing money.”

he could be a pervert…sure looks like one…

He does look like a moron. That being said, you can certainly lose women chasing money.

i heard that line in a Chris Rock movie.

You lose classy babes and marriage material women when you chase money.

But you gain HTB when you chase money.

Bye Bye BBY.

Mr. Schulze resigned after the audit committee that was hired to investigate the former CEO discovered he knew about the CEO’s relationship with the employee and failed to report it to the audit committee.

any idea what the girl looked like…he was texting her non stop according to the article…i also would appreciate more specifics of what they did…

That’s a little creepy Frank.

its for analysis purposes…weighs on to the qualitative aspect of the company and the morale…trust me, munger would ask the same questions…