Great call on Frank Mir. Lesnar sucks.

Lesnar was hilarious on Saturday. He is so WWE

Man…not sure of the dudes name, but the guy in the previous fight who got decked, fell to the floor passed out, and subsequently got decked in the face a few more times…man…I thought working in finance these days was a rough way to make a living…

How 'bout GSP? Fedor has some serious work to do 8/1 to stay in the #1 pound-for-pound race. GSP was an absolute machine… Fitch’s win was the best fight in my opinion, though. Came back from some pretty tight submission attempts in round 1…

“Frank Mir had a horseshoe up his ass. I told him that a year ago. I pulled it out of him and beat him over the head with it. I’m going to drink a Coors Light. That’s right a Coors. Bud Light don’t pay me nothing. I may even get on top of my wife tonight.” Pure genius

Makes you wonder if UFC is a bit fake or not. Dana White didn’t even freak out in the background when he said Coors. GSP put on a great show as well as usual.

I had picked Mir, but Lesnar was just too big, too strong, and too good on the ground. But he’s still a jerk. I think Mir would have been a better ambassador for the sport - Lesanr comes off like a bar brawler (or someone from the WWE - whoda thunk it?).

Ask any MMA-ers, any real MMA-ers…it doesn’t matter if you win by an eye-gouge or a ball-bust, winning’s winning.

Not sure where Mir was going with his gameplan. Seems like he would have thought of something better than halfguard/lockdown to counter Brock’s takedowns. It’s not like the takedowns were a surprise–he knew they were coming. Did he think he was going to catch him with a submission from there? Seems like a lot of risk to try and catch him in some obscure armlock or something… Oh well, what do I know On the other hand, get ready for Lesnar-Fedor. You know its coming…

Good night of fights. A few did not go the way I had hoped but still a decent PPV. Hendo’s knockout of Bisping was outstanding. The extra shot at the end was well deserved. Rogan asked Henderson if he knew he was out and he basically said he did and usually would not follow up like that but Bisping had it coming. Brutal. GSP is definitely the #1/2 pound for pound guy in the world. He took Alves down repeatedly like it was nothing, had a great game plan and stuck through it, even after the groin injury. Brock ran over Mir. At the start of the second Lesnar was completely gassed which surprised me. He was able to keep Mir on his back and pummeled him. Lesnar’s comments afterwards were garbage and not befitting of the HW champ. I also thought it was a little petty to not touch gloves, you’re the champ exude some class and respect. This is not WWE. Dana and the Fertita brothers have worked tirelessly to bring the UFC and the sport to where it is today. Having a corporate sponsor insulted by your champion is not a good move. Flipping off the fans after you display zero sportsmanship and get booed is also pretty classless. Brock, who pays for PPV and tickets? Brock apologized at the post-fight press conference but only after having his ass chewed by Dana. Dana effectively said he accepts his apology, “this time”.

ahahah Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > On the other hand, get ready for Lesnar-Fedor. > You know its coming… Yep, Dana seems pretty determined to get that one done. Would be a huge move and put an end to a lot of questions.

i’d rather him be classless. makes for some entertainment outside the ring. makes you wanna see him get pummelled. you need livewires in your sport or it goes nowhere. brock brings a lot more to it than you’d think and even with the disrespect to bud light, he’s probably bringing more publicity to the sport than anyone else. this year and the next at least. ufc without the odd lesnar is like hockey without fighting, i’d still watch it b/c i’m canadian, but i would sure miss the bloody faces and broken noses that make us canadian.

His post fight interview was hilarious. I’m going to drink a coors light… lol

[GSP is definitely the #1/2 pound for pound guy in the world.] Would like to see GSP fight Anderson Silva

why did Chad remove Lesnar vs Fedor thread? Is not it the best way to forget about the exams?

^^ agreed. i was more captivated by the federer vs. lesnar thread though…

Post37 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > > Would like to see GSP fight Anderson Silva As good as GSP is (i think he’s #2 PFP), I think Silva would destroy him. Silva is a freak - just too tall and too long. He would get some sort of submission rather quickly.