This is details to the minutia: Can we get a list of important Must-knows about each country: 1) China and Russia have an aging population problem.

  1. Russia and China have better education? 3. Russia is only country to have wage equal to G6 in future. 4. China will have largest GDP by 2050

I know we’ll probably see a couple questions on this, but it’s a joke. The whole thing is totally subjective… oh, wait, welcome to Level 3

I believe BRICS is a new reading this year, so yeah, expect to see questons…

Im sure there will be a question on “WHAT AM I THINKING NOW? AND WHY? List and Justify your answer with three responses”

I think related to BRICS, the questions will be pretty high level… For example: BRIC growth will result in a stronger Currency and increased GDP for a country What drives Economic Growth in a BRIC x Technologal DEvelopment x Emplyment Levels x Stock How do you maintain growth? x Educational Level x Stable Economic Environment x Level of Openess x Institusions (legal, health care, government) Other thoughts?

I highly doubt this area will be tested. Its a friggin joke.

its pretty easy to remember but probably <5% of test… if that…

I see this material as highly testable material in the morning exam as to whether you agree or disagree with a particular comments, or as 1 or 2 mc q’s in the afternoon.

BRICs reason why Oil is 130+ Thats all you need to know :slight_smile: