Bring them out bring them out! Dad bod is in my dudes!

after watching a survey. Most women want a dude with a dad bod for 2 reasons.

  1. Six pack are seen as high maintenance

  2. People with dad bods are less likely to cheat on their women.

these are facts.

I don’t think men like fat women though.

I was wondering why I’m so irresistible to women… tanks for sharing.

Nery, your theory is easily disproven: 1) All AF people have six or even eight packs, bench press 500 lbs and run Death Valley 50 miles. 2) All AF people have thick latina or Asian risk management analysts grinding on them irresistibly. Therefore, dad bod cannot be the desirable body type.

look what I found.

also I think what’s key is as a single dude you have to pull them skinny. But as you get in a relationship, they will prefer you with a dad bod so that expectations are lower.

“What’s the secret of a great marriage? It’s not looks, nor intelligence, nor money — it’s low expectations.”

  • Warren buffett - buffett quote. great stuff.

Also my fiancé is not thick. She is 5’5 and 110. I would not date someone thick.

Who else would not date/serious relationship a girl who is thick? I’m conflicted about this. On the one hand, I would date a thick girl in her 20’s because I do find some attractive. On the other hand, as they age, they might cross the border into fat/obese territory due to diet/genetics.

What in the 2016 is going on in here?

Yeah, the preferred spelling is now thicc

Lol ya there like scooters (fun to ride till your friends see you on em).

Anyway’s I was getting my haircut yesterday and there was was thicc stylist probably in her 20s or so who was pretty attractive. But give her another 5 years or so, plus poppin out a few kids and look out (she’s not gonna loose the weight).

That’s why it’s important to date only very skinny chicks, to help compensate for future returns on thicccness. Once again, Nery is ahead of the curve. Also, he has suggested to date 17-year-olds as they will just be 18 later. This is truly an effective way of thinking.

Drake is wayyyy ahead of the game.

I’m seven years out of college and based on my social media observations of my college friends, the curve down from being attractive and thicc to being not attractive and fat, is short and steep.

This is actually a real fear of mine. One day I am (hopefully) getting married and she is (hopefully) hot. But some chicks are like chameleons…one day they are in their 20s, fit and radiant and the next day they are 30 pounds overweight (and this is due to life choices, not kids).

or their face craters.

I think this was Epstein’s whole philosophy.

i dont like thick women. obesity disgusts me, and anything close turns me off.

first in foremost, we should always follow the law. but quite honestly the law easily changes depending on the culture so to have such strong feelings on this topic really shows how myopic people generally are.

secondly, there is nothing unethical if an an older man dates a younger woman. in fact it is what makes sense given their fertility. I think the ideal age gap should be a woman’s age +9 = male age. Currently, this is a woman’s max age gap, majority would not want to go beyond that.

Thirdly, the absolute minimum for age of consent should not be based on some arbitrary number but a physical milestone such as a woman’s first period. this can wildly vary, obviously, and im not suggesting that age of consent should be legal at age 12. but by age 16, 99% of women have gone through their first period and are fertile. by 16 there is already a huge margin of safety.

If you gotta think about it, or bring reasoning into it like what she going to look like in 5 years after some kids, then thicc ain’t for you. Personally I like i thicc but I draw the line at hairy. That’s some nasty stuff, eating wussy is already a poorly rewarded endeavor.