Brogue shoes

I’m talking shoes with the perforation along the stitching (kinda like little holes) for decoration.

Douchey or BSD? That is the question…

Would you ding someone for wearing them to an interview as too casual? Is it something you can only wear when you’ve proven yourself? Or do you consider them just another shoe?

They are completely appropriate for business / interviews but I think it looks odd when a fresh grad comes in with a sack suit, cuffed pants and brogue shoes. For a junior interview candidate in a conservative FS firm, I’d recommend standard black oxford shoes.

Not for interviews. Keep it simple for interviews.

Definitely agree. I hate when you get fresh grads starting and they turn up looking like city boy wankers with brogues, family crest cufflinks, braces and slicked hair like they’ve been waiting their whole lives to dress up like a twat

I don’t recall a single shoe any candidate has ever wore. Now if you walk in with a wearing a Omega or green colored suit (yes I’ve seen those), those i’ll notice

^You interviewed Deion Sanders?

I like em. Would not wear them to interviews. But obviously dress conservative for the first little while and feel out the company culture especially when you’re starting out, keep your head down and work hard and show some initiative. Your work should be attracting attention, not your clothing.

I think of brogues for slightly older and/or conservative gentlemen. I second the prior suggestions about getting a classic oxford or wholecut.

Very dark / moss green can look ok.

Though obviously i’m not saying it’s suitable for interviews. I repeat my post above, keep it simple.

Moss green is also useful if for some reason, you must flee into the forest and you can camouflage yourself by laying face down. I must admit that I value interviewees who have practical thinking.

I don’t think brogue shoes are either douchey or bsd. There are cheap shoes with that pattern and very costly ones as well. On black shoes, you often can’t see the pattern at all, so it can be subtle. On light brown shoes, it’s more obvious and noticeable. It’s really a fashion thing. They come into fashion at times and they go out of fashion. Right now they are out of fashion, though - to a certain extent - they are a fairly classic look that is never so out of fashion that you can’t wear them at all. They also look like something that might be on the verge of coming back into fashion. I tend to like them because I remember my grandfather using them and looking elegant, but my GF doesn’t like them, so I have stayed away recently. Some broguing is overly ornate anyway. I tend to think a brown shoe with a little broguing tends to go well with khaki colored trousers and similar shades. Deep burgundy goes with navy blue. Not sure if I like black shoes with broguing.

or if you dribble at the urinal it won’t show…

is it bad if i only know steve madde and calvin klein shoes?

its a style of shoe not a brand. id bet steve madden and calvin klein both have brogue dress shoes