Brokerage account advice..

Hi, I am finally ready to open my first brokerage account and buy some stocks… I am an access employee, so unfortunately I have very strict rules to where I can open an account and how/when to buy sell. For exmaple, I have can’t sell anything unless I had it for 60 days…((( Anyway, right now I need help/advise with to what brokerage firm to go with. I have the following options: - Charles Schwab - A.G. Edwards /Wachovia Securities - Merrill Lynch - Fidelity Brokerage - TD Ameritrade - E*Trade Financial - Smith Barney Citigroup - UBS Financial - Morgan Stanley - Scottrade I am not going to do a lot of trading, i need it to be available on-line, and I want cheap!!! Please, tell me your experience and advice Thanks!!!

Scottrade - Cheap and simple to use. Never an issue.

I use scottrade, it is the Walmart of brokerages. I am not paying an expensive broker to tell me why my investments blow-up.

Scottrade. If you need a referral (you get 3 free trades) send me an email at aol and I will send you one

thank god. a clear sign of the top of the market.

smith barney.

oskigo… what do you mean?

I have accounts at both Scottrade and TD Ameritrade. The extra $2 a trade is worth the much better website interface at TD Ameritrade. Also take a look at mutual funds that you think you may want to own in the future. There are distribution agreements that prevent some funds from being accessed on certain platforms. There are heavy transaction costs on others.