Brooks Running Shoes

I’ve begun the long journey back to fitness. I’m hoping that I can get back to the point where I was in the Marines, where I was running 5k’s pretty regularly.

Over the weekend, I went to a family reunion. A cousin was wearing some Brooks running shoes. She said they were like standing in a cloud of marshmallows. Anybody have any experience with these? Any other shoes you would recommend?

(For the record - I’ve always preferred New Balance, for no good reason whatsoever. It’s just what was at Academy.)

Get the Adidas Springblades, you can be like Pistorius.

FWIW I got the Nike Pegasus because of the Nike + , and it seemed like a good shoe for a decent price. Pretty happy so far and I’ve put a lot of miles on them. I don’t think you can go wrong as long as it’s a dedicated running shoe and it’s comfortable.

You should buy shoes based on the fit, not the brand. There are many kinds of Brooks running shoes that are designed for people with different kinds of feet. There are also different kinds of shoes from New Balance, Adidas, Asics, or whatever. Just don’t buy the brand whose symbol is a sperm. I still don’t understand why they did that.

I just ordered my second pair of brooks pure connects. I like them a lot, since they’re a nice balance between stereotypical running shoes with huge padding in the heal and minimalist shoes. I used minimalists for a while and got plantar fasciitis in both feet that I’m still fighting off, but the brooks pure connects helped a lot.

I got plantar fasciitis from running a lot using Brooks stability shoes. Turned out that my solution was to get more support, not less. Fortunately, I found a model of Mizuno shoes that fits my needs well. Once you find a pair that you like, you can just keep buying the same kind.

Take a look at Saucony…just finished a half Ironman in them and nothing wrong. Best shoe I have ever had. I use the Hurricane 14.