BS don't sell that bunker just yet

What’s the market telling us? 10 year below 1.60? the great deflation finally upon the U.S.???

Don’t worry. Yellen and the ECB will save us with moar free money!

Where are all the inflation hawks?

I could bump many threads from 2008-09 but don’t feel like embarrassing 90% of posters. There’s a reason Ben Bernanke is a BSD and the rest of you post on a message board . He was given a dual mandate and masterfully achieved them.

I’d actually be interested in rereading them if you bumped them. I may have even been guilty. I was significantly worse at the macro stuff then.

I wouldn’t really say he achieved the inflation part of the mandate, but I’m not complaining

There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of threads from 2007-08. I only pasted the links of the first 5 I found.

Ben Bernanke is the front runner for man of the century. He was pushed into the worst economic downturn of modern time and all he did with the tools at his disposal was deliver price stability and full employment. You think Europe or Japan could use a Ben?

For the record…I have long advocated that hyperinflation was never going to happen and deflation was the risk. It was Turd Fergeson’s gold-loving-Fed-hating-libertarian crowd that warned us about the doom of hyperinflation, none of which has come to pass…

Monetary Stimulus = Allahu Akbar!

^ The odd thing is that the 2 smartest men in AF history (JDV and bchad) look very bad in those threads. Just goes to show you what I always believed: smart analysts are great at explaining what already happened but not great at predicting what will happen. Just remember that next time you speak to someone smarter than you.

^ I’d read the linked threads, but I’ll come back on Sunday. Tomorrow morning I’m going to the gun range to shoot pistols with a couple friends in advance of my CHL class.

Oh God, what’d you buy?

To be fair FT, even bernanke did not predict the total collapse in velocity (demand) that occurred globally in the aftermath and made the transition out of the policy so successful.

Also, there are the Bill Grosses of the world that make a case that the full impact of lower for longer rates remains to be seen (i.e., it’s driving low inflation and demand). Not disagreeing, just floating the idea for discussion.

its a marathon not a sprint.

One day, things are going to be really bad. And when that day comes, I’m here to say “I told you so.”

You just forget that bit about how I was telling you to start panicking 7 years ago.

^it’s amazing how your opinions did a complete 180 when we went from an ® to a (d).