BS - Feedback on this Ultra?

I disagree. Point I’m making is here could do what Goggins does or even attempt to follow the example. He’s on a different plane of physical talent and trying to draw comparisons is moronic. Training aside you’re comparing a relatively average dude to a guy who is literally a Lebron of endurance. Guy clearly was training too, maybe not optimally but very seriously. You don’t drop 103 pounds in 8 months from a muscular base any other way. He was also already a Seal.

Completing a half marathon is a non-sequitur. I’m not even sure you’ve run 50 miles so trying to draw comparisons is just virgins talking about sex. It’s not a linear relationship. You’re not twice as tired at a marathon as a half and you’re not twice as tired at 50 as 26. Things go parabolic and the game changes. I mean, I ran my first marathon within 6 weeks of having never worked out in the prior 2 years and then completed a marathon every 1-2 weeks for about 6 months following that. I can tell you even from there, my first 50 miler was a total shock I simply wasn’t prepared for. Your comments are almost as delusional as his.

You are missing my point BS…and insulting my athletic background. But I will let that slide.

I mean stocking the aid stations in prep. So basically cold wraps on ice for rest recovery therapy, doing physical therapy during the race and on aid stations, max hydration, pissing all the time, throwing green tea to cold brew in the camelback.

BS - when did you feel tired - have you done a 50 or 100?

My upper body strength isn’t necessarily a disadvantage. I could bring dumbbells on each aid station to rest my legs and workout my upper body for dynamic rest. But, this requires tons of food. I can handle that. Would just be a logistics issue that seems very challenging/intriguing to me.

Also, I’m looking to launch a new company/brand and these results would be the proof of my concept.

I mean, have you ran 50 miles or not? It’s not an insult, it’s just simple statement. Also, I get your point. I just think it’s delusional because drawing any comparisons for any reason to Goggins is just feeding into a delusion. They may as well be different species for this case.

ACE, your upper body strength is a disadvantage. I beat you in arm wrestling and was multiples stronger when I used to run. The ideas you’re talking about and your view of the rest stations is comical. At this point, I’m out. I’m leaving it to the people who have no experience running these distances to strategize because there’s nothing to add to my first post. Entering this conversation has left me dumber.

ahhh you guys/girls make me want to do this event more now

But, BS - how do you respond when people ask why you ran 50mi? - just for the challenge? I’m still trying to grab the essence of this race.

Endurance/marathons/triathlons aren’t big at my MMA gym and if I did 50mi on Sat/Sun that weekend, I’d still like to make MMA class on Monday as I get no points for this stuff.

The 70.3 was somewhat respectable I guess to some people I train with, but the BJJ people were out for blood on me last night and I didn’t tap out to any of the blue belts in the Gi session.

Ok fair enough. It is theory I’m thinking of at this point; you’re right I have no practical experience in an event like this, but have done ‘Ultra’ type training in 2001/2002 in the military and did fine.

What distance have you done - how was it? Just looking for some feedback. I don’t know any other Ultra people.

The only comparison I draw between Goggins and ACE is that their prepartions for athletic events are both “eccentric” and not neccessarily conducive to peak performance capability.

I have not run 50 miles but between my multipule full ironman completions and also a solo 35 mile run, I have a good impression of what a 50 mile would be like. I can say a 50 mile is as hard as you make it.

Do you guys have feedback on Ultraman? Who is the most powerful? Classic Ultraman? Ace? Taro? Ultra Seven? Why do they always wait until the end to shoot the Ultra Beam? Seems like they should lead with that.

I stayed at 50M and ran that, I wouldn’t have ran 100M until I was comfortable at 50, which I wasn’t. Ultimately I decided I could run ultras anywhere but I was living in a whitewater region and quit running to focus on that. Best decision I made. Anyhow if you run the 50M let me know for betting purposes.

Wrong. The last 20% is the whole race. This is why its silly to try to compare running 35 miles or a half anything to a full anything. Ironman isn’t remotely similar. If it’s as hard as you make it, go run 50 miles today, make it easy!

oh FFS! All these endurance events are the same thing: mental fortitude, metabolic efficiency/ fitness, structural soundness. It is that last one that make a 50miler harder than, say, a triathlon that takes the same amount of time. It is why I did not get past 35 miles. This is why when I see ACE do things like put in a 300mile bike week out of no where or run 13 mile IN A HALF IRONMAN on no run training, it makes me think he has all variables to pull it off given he takes his time out there. When I say a 50 miler is as hard as you make it, I mean you can take lots of walking breaks and ease your way though it. Then it is just a long day and takes patience. The same person can push the pace and be competitive and it can be the most challenging day of your life!

Yeah that biking week was 421 mi. I basically workout 5-6 hours per day (including yoga/stretching/dancing). I don’t think this is that big of a stretch to pull off 50mi with aid stations. I could be wrong.

I follow ACE on strava. I can confirm this!

Yeah I mean a lot of my stuff is on Strava, then have been posting MMA workouts as well on Facebook, plus any yoga/stretching/dancing on top of all that makes up my 4000-6000 calorie day. It’s pretty ridiculous if you could see my daily logistics and schedule in general. The logistics of my daily habits run 2-4 hours and I can generally pull this off on a sustainable basis as I am vampire, never sleep, and have to stretch/rest during the day in random places to recover + insane hydration in addition to a heavy 10-12hr rest every 2-3 weeks on a Sunday or something.

I see your points though BS and have a general idea of what to look out for, but you’re right / just blowing smoke and spitting theory without experience, which is why I asked the questions. I think I might give it a shot, but haven’t confirmed yet. Probably 50, but the 211 mile seems like a feat that could be the groundwork for a new company’s PR/marketing campaign.

Again though, I’m looking to catch up with a friend and think I can help him through a lot of this.

Well, having dabbled in both sides of the tri / ultra equation you guys are comically uninformed. Saying it’s a long day that takes patience is silly, your body begins to break down you heart begins to feel the strain, your joints start fatiguing from the repeated impact, you just generally hit a wall. Also those bike stats aren’t impressive, same reason Armstrong raved about how hard a marathon was. Like I said, register and we’ll make a bet ACE (PM me your entrance info). Time to put your money where your mouth is. The things you’re bragging about really don’t stack up to much. Just register and the rest will sort itself out. I’d encourage whatsherface to register for a 50M too, like I said, just make it easy, long patient day!

I mean, I’ve done a couple trail tri’s and even this race once on no additional prep versus my ultra training.

But I can tell you running a decent 50M is physically harder by orders of magnitude. I went from having never biked to logging 120M of mountainous single track in <48 hours plus the running and kayaking. Bike miles mean nothing.

You should totally bring weights to the rest station, maybe get some squats in!

Seriously though, what race? That is a huge determinant of completion. Also, if it’s what I think it is, you’ll probably want poles for your arms anyway.