BSA exam

Has anyone taken the Boston Society CFA exam ? If so how did you guys find the exam ?

i’ve taken the 07 boston society exam just now… some of the questions tests material that’s not in the curriculum of CFA 2008… like schweser questions, i didn’t really like the wording / format of the questions…it’s quite different from the format of the questions in the back of the CFA textbook readings… i guess it gives more variety as to how questions can be asked… anyone else who took the Boston Society exams?

so who has practice tests thats closest to the real thing? Schweser is way off base I didnt like the fact that the cfa mock tests didn’t even give me a list of questions i got wrong :frowning:

i did this year’s boston society exam - i thought i was of a similar level to the CFAI Mock exams and sample exam.

I thought it was more similar to CFA mocks. They did a good job covering topics, especially the FSA parts.

BSAS morning was brutal, especially FSA section, probably a good barometer of the real deal